Provide fostering and support for the IT Industry

·IT/SW Convergence ·Cloud Computing ·IoT(Internet of Things) ·Mobile ·Bigdata ·Smart city

01. Fostering New Internet Industry Basis

  • Managing Global Smart City Test Support Center
  • Opening Cloud Expo Korea exhibitions and conferences
  • Building of a global data distribution infrastructure
  • Supporting Cloud computing technology
  • Managing Dongnam Information Security Service Center
Global Smart City Test Support Center Cloud Expo Korea 2015

02. Setting up IT Industry activating Infrastructure

  • Managing Centum SW Convergence Cluster
  • Managing Dongnam Software Quality Innovation Center
  • Managing Busan Copyright Service Supporter Center
  • Managing Busan IT/CT Metropolitan Marketing Support Center
Centum SW Convergence Cluster Dongnam Software Quality Innovation Center

03. Business Support & Marketing

  • Commercialization of SW Convergence Products Commercialization
  • Enforcing Technological Competition & Supporting Exporting Businesses
  • Hold professional IT exhibitions and invite overseas buyers for business meeting
  • Dispatch IT trading delegation groups overseas and support to exploit overseas markets
Consulting Oversea Business (IT Expo Busan)  Busan IT Trade Mission

04. Fostering of professional manpower and start-ups

  • Managing Smart Venture Institute
  • Managing Busan Mobile APP Center & App Test Bed
  • Managing Business center for one-man start up business
  • Managing Galmaegi(SEA GULL) Project for venture business creation
  • Supporting for Jang Yeong-sil SW venture forum & Operating of Centum SW Academy
  • Managing Busan Global IT Education Center
  • The National Human Resources Development Consortium Project
The 10th Busan Mobile Forum The 2nd KOREA SW Convergence Hackathon