Support for Fostering the CT industry

·Game ·Smart Contents ·Webtoons ·Animation & Character ·VR(Virtual Reality) ·Music

01. Setting up and Activating Games Based on New Technology &

  • Opening Global Game Exhibitiong 『G-Star』
  • Setting up & Managing Busan Global Game Center
  • Managing Busan Game Academy
  • Opening e-Sport Contest and Board Game Festival
  • Opening Indie Game Festival & Promoting Indie Game Culture
Global Game Exhibition 『G-STAR 2015』 2015 Board Game Festival

02. Setting up Global Convergence Content Industry Basis

  • Busan WebToon Lab & Busan Global WebToon Center
  • Activating next generation Convergence Contents with VR
  • Star Project & Supporting Commercialization of Convergence Contents for local business
Webtoon Lab - Webtoon Academy

03. Activation of Creating Business & Fostering Creative Human

  • Managing Content Korea Lab Busan
  • Managing Music Lab Busan
Content Korea Lab Busan Music Lab Busan